Haven’t got your puppy yet?

As daunting as it might seem, a new puppy is rarely as bad as you might be anticipating. Most pre-stresses either come from wanting to get everything perfect, or from others telling you what to do.  Perfection isn’t a realistic goal.  But working with a dog trainer early on, keeps you prepared and organised.  It also reduces stress, and creates more control when your puppy arrives.

What to buy

It’s easy to treat a puppy like the arrival of a first born child.  Trust us, it’s not.  It’s much better!!  Jokes aside, clients always begin with a longer list of essentials than there needs to be. We’ll encourage you to focus in on the practical items that help you manage your puppy and protect your home.  There will be plenty of time for accessories and frivolities once you’ve settled them in.

Routine and management

Establishing rituals around food,  toilet and rest, are the keystones upon which everything else will follow on from.  Let us help you build a tailored schedule to help integrate the puppy into your life.  Once the basics are in place, almost everything else will become easier as the days and weeks follow.  Without them, puppy chaos will often ensue!

The first 48 hours

Each puppy reacts differently to being taken away from their siblings and mother.  For some it’s noticeably traumatic, and others just appear overwhelmed with the excitement of a new environment.  However your puppy appears in the daytime, the nighttime will tell you how they feel about leaving their first home.  This is where they’ll express their vulnerability and show you that they need you.  Nighttime setup should be well thought through, with a contingency plan should your puppy not settle in easily.

Socialisation plan

This area of dog training is easily put to one side in the midst of day to day management.  But when executed well, socialisation can be a strategy to fill some of the waking moments.  It’s a great way to passively expend energy as you expose them to their new world.  Develop your understanding of puppy socialisation, so you can give your puppy a head start.

Training Behaviours

We work from the position that every interaction with your dog is a learning opportunity. So Skills training starts in the home and progresses outdoors from there.  The basic exercises can be taught  soon after your puppy arrives.  This enables you to get their attention, build rapport and allows you to take control from the outset.   You’ll be surprised how well a few well selected behaviours can help you manage most aspects of your puppy’s day.  It also creates a strong and lasting foundation to support new and more advanced behaviours later on.

Google Reviews

  • Jamie has been amazing helping us with our new puppy. He's been extremely reliable and responsive especially during those first few of nights with the pup. Jamie has got us off to a great start and we will continue to use him for our puppies training into the future.

    R A Avatar R A
  • Jamie has been amazing with our new beardie puppy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and has been so helpful even though we’re seasoned dog owners. It’s been a while since we had a puppy and one forgets. He’s always available for advice and never rushes you. Thank you Jamie

    Jackie Forrest Avatar Jackie Forrest
  • Jamie is more than just a trainer, he is passionate about the dogs in his charge and cares for them as if they are his own. My concerns about my dogs welfare about being away from my family were put to rest by Jamies professional approach, his enthusiasm and commitment and " can do" attitude. I have no hesitation in recommending his services and will be using Uptown Dogs again.Thank you too Jamie from Honey the Yorkie

    Jeff Atkins Avatar Jeff Atkins
  • I have know Jamie for over 13 years, starting from when we first brought home our two chocolate labradors. Jamie was essential - teaching us and training them. He has real kindness and a deep connection and understanding for dogs. His knowledge and experience is exceptional, particularly for puppies. Jamie remains a dear friend and teacher to all of us.

    B L Avatar B L