The first few weeks

Without a doubt,  puppy toilet training is the biggest barrier to intimacy for you and your puppy.  We’ve all had to watch our puppies like a hawk, anxiously anticipating & wondering if it’s just about to happen’ indoors, or somewhere socially unacceptable.  The hyper vigilance and unpleasant chore of clearing up will wear you down, cause friction in the home and challenge early bonding.

How do you stop accidents?

Toilet training needs an individual strategy, and specific learning on both sides of the lead. Surprisingly, there is much more to learn on the owner’s side. There are many factors that feed into whether your puppy ‘gets it’ or not, and the transition will undoubtedly have backward steps along the way. You can teach a puppy to go outside almost immediately, but there’s so much more to learn on your side in order to maintain consistency. This is where a dog trainer comes in.

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Why can we solve this quicker than anyone else?

We know it’s a bold statement, but having breed dogs, then followed on to our training and dog care business, we’ve watched hundreds of dogs closely over their entire lifetimes, which has led to a unique understanding and varied approach to cater for every home. We are able to spot the issues that will arise in your home before they happen, and manage your strategy and expectations accordingly.

Puppy Toilet Training – What we offer

Toilet Training Resources 

To begin with, we can offer a series of tutorials and reading material that cover many of the topics, strategies behind your puppy’s transition. Along with your routine, you’ll get a personal journal that teaches you pattern recognition to make you more conscious of when your puppy is about to go.

Home set up

We are available for home visits to assess and help set up your home. We fix routines, advise of strategy whether your puppy has arrived or not. The suggestions we make will preserve your home, and teach you how to configure your space to get the best puppy toilet training outcomes, quickly. We work in person, in and around Hampstead NW3 and St John’s Wood NW8. 

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Remote Coaching

After your initial consultation, we’ll establish a plan that suits you and your pup. Our approach is realistic, flexible and can be done in stages. We give the support needed for you and your puppy to stay on track. We will provide coaching at frequent intervals to help ensure you’re implementing the information we give you and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have while you work towards a successful outcome for you and your puppy.

The early days and nights

You may want help the moment your puppy arrives or even earlier.  We can provide an out of hour’s service to help you settle your puppy, either in person or remotely.  We have some great resources to help you soothe your puppy, and to get them through their first few nights away from litter mates.  Be prepared, get in touch early.

Google Reviews

  • Jamie has been amazing helping us with our new puppy. He's been extremely reliable and responsive especially during those first few of nights with the pup. Jamie has got us off to a great start and we will continue to use him for our puppies training into the future.

    R A Avatar R A
  • I have know Jamie for over 13 years, starting from when we first brought home our two chocolate labradors. Jamie was essential - teaching us and training them. He has real kindness and a deep connection and understanding for dogs. His knowledge and experience is exceptional, particularly for puppies. Jamie remains a dear friend and teacher to all of us.

    B L Avatar B L
  • Jamie has been amazing with our new beardie puppy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and has been so helpful even though we’re seasoned dog owners. It’s been a while since we had a puppy and one forgets. He’s always available for advice and never rushes you. Thank you Jamie

    Jackie Forrest Avatar Jackie Forrest
  • Jamie was extremely helpful with my Border Collie puppy Billy in the very early days of Billy's training. Some of the basic skills Jamie introduced me to have really stayed and formed the basis of Billy's steady improvement into a strong, reliable, and loving adult dog. I enjoyed Jamie's dog centred approach, and his understanding both of what it is to be a dog, and what it is be a dog owner. Thank you!

    Marta Emmitt Avatar Marta Emmitt