We know you wouldn’t trust your Puppy to just anyone (nor would we), so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We’re a small, family run business, with each of us having our own niche interest and knowledge around dogs and especially puppies. We’re as excited for you as you probably are for yourself. And we can’t wait to share our varied experience with you and your new puppy. 


Uptown Dogs’ founder Jamie has a passion for puppies. His first dog in 1990 (a working Belgian Shepherd) set him off on the path to working with dogs. In 1997, Jamie started walking dogs and very quickly a referral-based business emerged. Within 10 years, he was a qualified dog trainer and he’s since studied at most puppy training centres in the UK. Most recently completing Lincoln University Life Skills for Puppies course and all of the UK’s APDT advanced dog training courses, topping this up with regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development) even training chickens and tortoise for fun. Jamie’s also very proud to be a trustee for StreetVet, a non-profit animal welfare charity that provides free veterinary treatment for the dogs of the homeless in the UK.


If we hadn’t met her parents, we’d have assumed that Karina was raised by a pack of wild dogs. As well as being an outstanding dog handler and assistant trainer, she’s also been showing her own dogs at a professional level since the age of 7 (her numerous successes having put many an adult’s nose out of joint in the ring). She’s currently saving up for a bigger home in which to house her ever-growing collection of trophies and keeps us all on our toes with her boundless enthusiasm for all things ‘dog’. A force of nature, Karina can often be seen outrunning most of the dogs in her care, whatever the weather. We feel sure that you – and, most importantly, your dog – will love her just as much as we do.


In 1991, Liudmila acquired her first dog – a working German Shepard. After 4 years of recreational training, she was invited to study dog training with the Police. Shortly after, Liudmila began breeding German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for working roles some of whom saw active duty during that time. Liudmila also began the first and only European association for American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, establishing a breed standard for temperament, along with health and welfare standards across Europe. Her personal dog interests are pet dog breeding, agility, IPO (a three-part sport that includes tracking, obedience and protection), basic competition training, scent work and, of course, puppies! Liudmila also shows dogs all over the world and has much success in that arena. She’s responsible for integrating new dogs into the Uptown Dogs family and heads up our Find Me a Puppy service.

Let’s meet

We’d love to meet you and your dog, shake paws and discuss your needs. Whether it’s dog walking services, puppy training or anything in between, meeting up helps us figure out how we can take care of your dog best. Drop us your email address and we’ll be in touch.

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