We know you wouldn’t trust your Puppy to just anyone (nor would we),  so we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.  We’re a small, family run business,  with each of us having our own niche interest and knowledge around dogs and especially puppies.  We’re as excited for you as you probably are for yourself.  And we can’t wait to share our varied experience with you and your new puppy.


Uptown Dogs’ founder Jamie has more than a soft spots for puppies. His first dog in 1990 (a working Belgian Shepherd) set him off on the path to working with dogs. In 1997,  Jamie started walking dogs on Hampstead Heath whilst still working in a completely different industry. Very quickly a successful referral-based business emerged. It became clear there was never going to be anything else that would hold his attention or interest in the same way that dogs would. Within 10 years, Jamie was also training dogs around Hampstead, and studying wherever he could find anything to do with puppies, such as Lincoln University’s animal behaviour science department and completing all of the UK’s APDT advanced dog training courses with distinction.  Jamie tops up his learning wherever he can. Even dabbling with some chicken, goat and tortoise training for fun.  Jamie’s most proud of his time as a trustee for StreetVet, a non-profit animal welfare charity that provides free veterinary treatment for the dogs of the homeless. This came about as a result of his setting up a free clinic for the dogs of the homeless in 2015,  offering students of the RVC the opportunity to work with these animals and their owners in a drop in centre called the West London mission, based in Westminster London.


Viktorija also has over 25 years experience working with dogs. She started her career as a breeder of `Dobermans’, then moved onto grooming dogs professionally. Viktorija has been working with our clients as part of our socialisation experience. She’s taken countless owners and their puppies through their first bath, all in the comfort of their own homes. She has been an invaluable part of our team. Sensitive to every puppy’s needs, she’s always keen to teach clients how to manage and maintain their dog’s coat. She has a wealth of knowledge on quality products, and the right equipment to keep your dog looking tip top. We are sure you and your puppy will love her as much as we do. 


In 1991, Liudmila acquired her first dog – a working German Shepard. After 4 years of recreational training, she was invited to study dog training with the Police. Shortly after, Liudmila began breeding German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois for working roles some of whom saw active duty during that time. Liudmila also began the first and only European association for American Staffordshire Bull Terriers, establishing a breed standard for temperament, along with health and welfare standards across Europe. Her personal dog interests are pet dog breeding, agility, IPO (a three-part sport that includes tracking, obedience and protection), basic competition training, scent work and, of course, puppies! Liudmila also shows dogs all over the world and has much success in that arena. She’s responsible for integrating new dogs into the Uptown Dogs family and heads up our Find Me a Puppy service.

Google Reviews

  • I have know Jamie for over 13 years, starting from when we first brought home our two chocolate labradors. Jamie was essential - teaching us and training them. He has real kindness and a deep connection and understanding for dogs. His knowledge and experience is exceptional, particularly for puppies. Jamie remains a dear friend and teacher to all of us.

    B L Avatar B L
  • Jamie has been amazing helping us with our new puppy. He's been extremely reliable and responsive especially during those first few of nights with the pup. Jamie has got us off to a great start and we will continue to use him for our puppies training into the future.

    R A Avatar R A
  • Jamie has been amazing with our new beardie puppy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and has been so helpful even though we’re seasoned dog owners. It’s been a while since we had a puppy and one forgets. He’s always available for advice and never rushes you. Thank you Jamie

    Jackie Forrest Avatar Jackie Forrest
  • Jamie was extremely helpful with my Border Collie puppy Billy in the very early days of Billy's training. Some of the basic skills Jamie introduced me to have really stayed and formed the basis of Billy's steady improvement into a strong, reliable, and loving adult dog. I enjoyed Jamie's dog centred approach, and his understanding both of what it is to be a dog, and what it is be a dog owner. Thank you!

    Marta Emmitt Avatar Marta Emmitt