Introducing your Puppy to the wider world

Most owners feel some uncertainty about socialisation, because of the limitations that come with vaccinations.  Puppies then only get exposure to new things late, or when their owner is going about their daily life.  Most dog trainers will agree, this is a missed opportunity you won’t get back later.  If you want the best for your puppy, time has to be put aside to focus solely on new experiences.  This can be done safely.  We’ll show you how.

Why is socialisation so important?

Puppies have a small window of time where they are more likely to register new experiences as positive. Miss that window and it becomes harder for your puppy to become comfortable with the unfamiliar. In some cases this can lead to being the owner of a fearful unpredictable adult. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What is Puppy socialisation?

Surprisingly, it’s not about puppies meeting other puppies, although it’s often nice when it happens.  It’s about building trust, and teaching your puppy to be okay with anything they’re exposed to in their world.  This means introducing a variety of people, dogs, places, noises, smells, and body handling both in and out the home.  This process then comes full circle by helping your dog integrate learnt behaviours back into the environment.

Puppy Socialisation 

Depending on your puppy’s needs, we can provide sessions around the following themes:

Puppy Walks

We’ve found that puppies and their owners benefit greatly from spending quality time with adult dogs. It builds confidence on both ends of the lead and introduces social skills that last a lifetime. Join us for a walk in a safe and controlled environment with the dogs we love, in Hampstead NW3 & NW8

Home alone

All dogs need to be happy being left by themselves. However this doesn’t just happen. Most puppies need a slow, steady and regular build up, in order to feel secure being left alone. There is a more gentle way to acclimatise your puppy, and we can show you how.

First Bath

This exclusive offering sees one of our team ‘Viktorija’, coming to your home to introduce your puppy to grooming. This involves a slow introduction to the equipment, machines, and all the new sensations that accompany a good pampering. This service is only offered to existing clients.

Novel Situations

Ask yourself this. What does your puppy have to get used to? Whether it’s the school run and busy roads, bikes, pets, hoovers or just people. You’ll want to know the right way to introduce things, how to read your puppy, and what pace to move forward.

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Puppies are naturally wary of many of the items we use to keep them safe.  These objects can be given a positive association.  Learning how to desensitise accessories and equipment you’ll be using for a lifetime, will pay dividends over that lifetime.

Trip to the Vet

For this unique service, we have veterinary partners in Hampstead & St John’s Wood. Starting at your home, we teach you how to desensitise your puppy to a basic examination. We then transfer to the practice once your puppy is fully participating. 

Google Reviews

  • Jamie has been amazing helping us with our new puppy. He's been extremely reliable and responsive especially during those first few of nights with the pup. Jamie has got us off to a great start and we will continue to use him for our puppies training into the future.

    R A Avatar R A
  • Jamie was extremely helpful with my Border Collie puppy Billy in the very early days of Billy's training. Some of the basic skills Jamie introduced me to have really stayed and formed the basis of Billy's steady improvement into a strong, reliable, and loving adult dog. I enjoyed Jamie's dog centred approach, and his understanding both of what it is to be a dog, and what it is be a dog owner. Thank you!

    Marta Emmitt Avatar Marta Emmitt
  • I have know Jamie for over 13 years, starting from when we first brought home our two chocolate labradors. Jamie was essential - teaching us and training them. He has real kindness and a deep connection and understanding for dogs. His knowledge and experience is exceptional, particularly for puppies. Jamie remains a dear friend and teacher to all of us.

    B L Avatar B L
  • Jamie has been amazing with our new beardie puppy. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and insightful and has been so helpful even though we’re seasoned dog owners. It’s been a while since we had a puppy and one forgets. He’s always available for advice and never rushes you. Thank you Jamie

    Jackie Forrest Avatar Jackie Forrest