We offer puppy-finding services all over London

Anyone who has trawled the internet to research breeds and look for a reputable breeder knows there’s a huge amount of conflicting information fighting for your attention. It’s often a leap of faith when you finally make your decision.

We’ll save you time (and possibly heartache) by helping you to make an informed decision with our experience as dog breeders, trainers, carers and enthusiasts. It’s our aim to make sure you get the puppy that’s most suitable for your lifestyle and that has the best chance of growing up to be a happy, healthy and confident adult dog.

How it works

Although we can advise at any stage of your puppy-finding journey, if you’re just starting out, we recommend an initial 1 hour consultation session to discuss what breeds you’re considering and where you are in the process of choosing your puppy.

We can then help you with every step in the process, from finding a breeder to preparing your home for the imminent arrival.

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Choosing the right breed

We’ll help you to assess all the practicalities, such as breed traits, energy levels, training needs, household considerations (children and outdoor space), possible health conditions and how they would need to be managed, life expectancy, sociability with people and animals, seasonal factors, grooming and care costs (including insurance, veterinary, boarding and walking).

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Finding a suitable breeder

We can guide you through what to look for in a breeder and run you through the following: kennel club registrations, pedigree lines, mixed breeds, working vs. pet dog lines, fashionable mixes and breed history. We’ll educate you on what health tests are needed from the parent’s side and the signs to look out for to identify a responsible knowledgeable breeder and avoid puppy farming.

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Choosing your puppy

We’ll direct you on what to look for in your puppy, including breed standards, mother’s age, condition, temperament, history and pedigree (if applicable). We can even accompany you to a breeder to help you make your final decision and collect your puppy to bring them safely home when the day comes.

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Pre-puppy home set-up

Once you’ve made your decision, we can help you prepare for puppy parenthood and ensure that you’re ready to welcome your dog properly. We’ll help you out with everything from what you need to buy to how to puppy-proof your house.

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From £80 per hour

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We’d love to meet you and your dog, shake paws and discuss your needs. Whether it’s dog walking services, puppy training or anything in between, meeting up helps us figure out how we can take care of your dog best. Drop us your email address and we’ll be in touch.

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