Understand your puppy

We’ve experienced first-hand just how daunting it can be to start training and bonding with a new puppy. On top of everything else you’d like your new puppy to learn, London has its own challenges, from loud construction noise to busy traffic and public transport!

Our one-to-ones can help you at every step of the way, ensuring that your puppy is well socialised and understands the world around them. As well as this, we’ll make sure youunderstand your puppy and what they’re trying to tell you, making those first weeks and months run as smoothly as possible.

What we cover

  • The basics – what training your puppy will need to become a calm happy and confident adult
  • Basic commands – such as name response, natural focus, sit, stay, down, recall, wait, drop, settle, loose lead walking and being left alone
  • Toilet training
  • How to progress basic training into a real life sequence without nagging
  • Canine body language and how to interpret it in your puppy and strangers’ dogs
  • How dogs learn
  • Socialisation
  • Habituation – getting used to the environment and the challenges for an urban dog
  • All you need is love – how to teach new behaviour or stop anything unwanted without force
  • What you’ll need – toys, clothing, equipment and bling
  • Fun and play
  • Exercise needs of a puppy and cautionary advice
  • Food requirements – store-bought vs. raw or home-cooked
  • Managing your puppy around children and guests
  • How to choose dog care in central London
  • Neutering and spaying, the pros & cons and when it’s best to go for it, or not.
  • Problem Barking and how best to avoid it
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We also offer

  • Online & telephone coaching
  • Additional 15 minute block sessions
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Starter package (3 hours)

The Lassie special (5 hours)

Additional sessions
£70 per hour

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We’d love to meet you and your dog, shake paws and discuss your needs. Whether it’s dog walking services, puppy training or anything in between, meeting up helps us figure out how we can take care of your dog best. Drop us your email address and we’ll be in touch.

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