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Introducing your puppy to the wider doggy world

It’s long been the belief that puppy socialisation should take place in a traditional puppy class or puppy party. However, in our experience running puppy classes for a number of years and assisting at veterinary practices, we’ve found that puppies benefit more from socialisation in a different environment, without the forced structure of classes or chaos of most parties.

Social development

Instead of entrusting your puppy’s social development to another young and inexperienced puppy, we introduce him or her to older dogs that we know and love. By observing and interacting with these older dogs, your puppy can build confidence and social skills, using the good behaviour of the more experienced dogs as a model.

Puppies vary so much in their confidence and previous experience, so it’s only right that each puppy is treated as an individual in a safe and carefully controlled environment.

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Your confidence

As much an observation for you as your dog, our sessions will also improve your confidence as an owner. You’ll learn to read your puppy’s body language and see how they react to new experiences and unexpected situations.

We offer fluid, bespoke sessions in which the content evolves as it unfolds. We also encourage Q&As as we progress.

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What you’ll learn

  • Canine body language and what your puppy is telling you
  • How much exercise and what kinds of stimulation your puppy needs to be satisfied and settle at home
  • How to avoid over-stimulation and stress and what this looks like
  • What healthy play looks like, when and how to intervene
  • Handling skills with equipment and in unforeseen and dangerous circumstances
  • What to look out for in unknown dogs
  • Support with equipment and routine
  • The concepts and strategies of a good recall
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What to expect

Sessions last approximately 1 hour

Following an assessment, we’ll select well-behaved adult dogs (of varying shapes, sizes and ages) from our dog walking team for you and your puppy to spend time with. By observing and interacting with fellow four-legged friends, your puppy will gain vital experience – and, by getting to know your dog’s reactions, behaviour and body language, so will you.

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£70 – Initial assessment and first session with owner

£50 – Thereafter, with owner

£35 – Puppy without owner (we collect and drop home)

We know that a little time and space for yourself can be invaluable, so get in touch to see how we can offer you some respite.

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We’d love to meet you and your dog, shake paws and discuss your needs. Whether it’s dog walking services, puppy training or anything in between, meeting up helps us figure out how we can take care of your dog best. Drop us your email address and we’ll be in touch.