Introducing your Puppy to the wider doggy world

Managing your puppy’s basic needs and routine is hard enough without the added pressure of figuring out what socialisation is safe during their vaccination period.

Most owners only expose their puppies to new experiences as a consequence of going about their daily lives, this can be a missed opportunity to learn and listen to your Puppy. If you want the best for your pup, time has to be put aside in the early days to focus solely on introducing new experiences.

What is Puppy Socialisation?

Surprisingly, it’s not about puppies meeting other puppies, although it’s often nice when it happens.

It’s about building trust, and teaching your puppy to be okay with everything and anything they will be exposed to in the world they’ll be living in.

This means introducing them to people, dogs, places, noises, smells and objects both in and out the home, along with desensitising them to physical handling in the numerous places it might occur.

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Why is Puppy socialisation so important?

Puppies have a small window of time where they’re more likely to register new experiences as positive.

Miss that window and it becomes harder for your puppy to become comfortable with the unfamiliar, which in some cases can sadly lead to being the owner of a fearful unpredictable adult.

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Puppy Socialisation Sessions

Depending on your puppy’s needs, our socialisation services can include some of the following:

  • Puppy walks – walking with adult dogs and puppies
  • Home alone – How to avoid separation anxiety
  • Novel items – How to approach all things new
  • Desensitisation – Equipment and body handling in clients home
  • First bath and grooming lesson in your home
  • Trip to vet for a ‘happy visit’
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What’s a Puppy walk like?

Sessions last approximately 1 hour

Following an assessment, we’ll select well-behaved adult dogs (of varying shapes, sizes and ages) from our dog walking team for you and your puppy to spend time with. By observing and interacting with fellow four-legged friends, your puppy will gain vital experience – and, by getting to know your dog’s reactions, behaviour and body language, so will you.

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£80 – Initial assessment and first session with owner

£80 – Thereafter, with owner

£80 – Puppy without owner (we collect and drop home)

We know that a little time and space for yourself can be invaluable, so get in touch to see how we can offer you some respite.

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